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Our Services

Our calling is to serve those who have served us. At Barron Heights Transitional Center we do just that by being a resource for homeless veterans. Our goal is to provide shelter and food, coupled with addiction recovery and counseling programs. Our residents also have the loving support of our staff and supporters to help them transition back to a healthy and prosperous life.

We provide

  • Medical Referrals to VA Hospital

  • Vocational Counseling & Job Readiness

  • Budget & Savings Planning

  • Support Services after completion of program

  • Preparation for returning to the community

  • Safe and Sober Environment

Our Program

Everyone is different. Although we serve many, we take and individualized approach to each resident to ensure that cater to the needs of the individual to maximize success. Our program includes several steps to transition back into society.

Once a veteran enters our facility, an assessment is done to determine the exact needs of the resident.

He is assigned a counselor who writes and implements a treatment plan and estimate recovery time.

Then the treatment begins.

Substance abuse recovery is just one of the areas that we work on with our residents. Because each person needs are different, we also have job readiness and vocational training, money management classes, and recreation to name a few.

Not only do our residents get the support of the staff and volunteers, they get the support of each other.


If you are interested in learning more about our program, contact us at 901-758-5873